About Options Trading Signals

My name is J.W. Jones, and I am the primary analyst and moderator of OptionsTradingSignals.com. I have spent more than a decade analyzing and studying financial markets. I have an intense background in portfolio management and risk analytics, with a primary focus on interest rate sensitive instruments. I have been directly involved in the use of options to mitigate and reduce risk in a variety of different portfolios.

Eventually I began trading options exclusively in my own account primarily as a means to hedge equity positions or produce additional income in my portfolio. As time went on, my methodologies became more complex and I developed a variety of trading strategies for various market conditions.

While I am quite aware that predicting directionality with regular success is possible, it is not constant. Creating trading strategies where the only profit engine is Theta (time) decay allows a trader the unique experience to profit from an inevitability. This is not to say that I never place directionally biased trades, I just do so in a manner where I mitigate my total risk by creating spreads which capitalize from the passage of time to protect my position, and more importantly my precious trading capital.

One of the fundamental tenets of trading is to leverage probability while managing risk to produce an edge. Managing risk is only the first stage in my strategy, I will define maximum risk for subscribers. No that is not a typo, options offer the unique ability to have a maximum loss. In basic terms, when I enter a properly constructed options trade I know exactly how much capital is at risk assuming the worst case scenario.

Most of my competitors use strategies which can produce huge profits; however they generally fail to mention the risk that was undertaken to produce that outsized profit. It is critical to understand that just like with any type of investment, the more risk one takes the more potential profit or loss they can sustain; options are no different.

Options are not necessarily intuitive, and as such members will learn various ways to analyze potential trading setups. Within months, most members will have a strong grasp of the Option Greeks and the various option strategies that are available.

It is likely you have read articles that I have proffered which have appeared on a variety of financial websites including Minyanville and TheStreet.com. I take pride in the fact that so many financial professionals take notice of my thoughts and unique perspective as it relates to options. I am proud to be a member of the Technical Traders team and my primary focus is to help make members profitable, knowledgeable option traders.

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