Our Proven Options Trading Strategies:


Duration typically 3-6 weeks and utilizes Theta (Time Decay) as the profit engine. Trade construction typically consisting of credit spreads, butterflies and/or condors utilizing the following underlying: SPX, RUT, OEX, etc.

Intermediate-Term Income Trade – Duration of 2-3 weeks and utilizes Theta (Time Decay) as the profit engine. Trade construction will utilize vertical spreads, butterflies, broken wing butterflies, condors, and iron condors.

Short-Term Income Trade – 1 week duration utilizing options that have a 1 week lifetime. Similar trade construction as the long and intermediate term income trades.

Take advantage of this strategy to leverage the power of time… by trading smart. Option trading is typically seen as a high risk investment, but in reality they can provide extremely low risk, while being an accurate trading vehicle. This is the primary reason why the big brokerage houses and financial institutions focus so much attention on options. OptionsTradingSignals uses a variety of conservative option strategies which do not require constant monitoring. This allows you to trade options without having to be in front of your computer every day while earning 1-3% returns each month on your investments. This low risk income strategy plays a key role in accumulating wealth while giving your portfolio an edge in today's volatile markets.


Directional Bias Trade – Duration typically less than 2 weeks which can utilize a variety of profit engines. Trade constructions could consist of vertical spreads, out of the money butterflies, out of the money condors and iron condors, ratio spreads, and synthetic stock positions.


This options strategy focuses on trading options that have a 1 week lifespan before expiration. This is a higher risk strategy not suitable for the average investor, but short term options traders will see the potential for larger returns thanks to the leverage of trading the "front month" options. Also, risk is managed by never holding positions more than 5 trading days because time is the enemy for this strategy. We reduce the time decay factor by only holding these options for a very short period, while taking advantage of the potentially bigger moves that can occur in 1-5 days.


With only one week or less remaining to expiration, the majority of the time value of the in-the-money options contracts has been eliminated. This increases the percentage of intrinsic value for the contracts allowing them to move quickly with the underlying investment, while allowing you to manage risk more efficiently because of the relatively smaller time decay associated with these front-month, in-the-money options.

Our risk management measures, coupled with the high intrinsic value advantage of the in-the-money options in the final few weeks before expiration provide subscribers with the most intelligent way to make focused high-leverage trades over short holding periods. With such high intrinsic value on the contracts built-in, the downside risk is minimal compared to the potential gains.

The short term option strategy comes to life during expiration weeks, providing the biggest bang for our buck. However, these trades can be taken any time in the final few weeks before expiration when we see an opportunity unfolding. Again you will receive educational reports each week whether we have made a trade or not. Our goal is to grow both your portfolio and your options knowledge consistently over time.


Earnings Based Trade – Duration typically is less than 36 hours. The trade utilizes the volatility crush immediately following earnings as the profit engine. Trade construction will consist of Iron Condors typically.

This aggressive strategy utilizes volatility as its profit engine. Earnings based option trading is all about finding hidden gems that may likely 'pop' or 'drop' when trading around important news events, from earnings reports to economic data releases, and that is partially how we time these setups. This strategy is based on quality, not quantity as a few great plays can outperform a lot of marginal ones. These selections are strictly buys and exits on options. Most of these positions will represent a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD scenario. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use only high-risk capital for any of these trades.

The reality of option trading is that we can manage risk and pull money from the market on a regular basis. However, with a higher risk strategy such as this, it is important to know that while we can make multiple double digit return trades, the inherent leverage can also produce some larger losing trades. Ultimately I strongly believe that huge opportunities continue to present themselves in today's volatile markets, and I am 100% focused on taking advantage of them.

Why You Should Trade Options with Us

More Traders are recognizing the power of trading options because some of the fastest and most consistent ways to make money in financial markets is through their utilization. It is no secret that most investors and traders do not dare touch options because of the perceived risk that goes along with them. However, options allow the educated investor to leverage their money, protect their portfolio, or speculate on specific stocks, indices, commodities, volatility, and even time decay. It is no wonder why option volumes have jumped almost 500% in the past ten years.

Option Trading Signals advisory service can be your must-have tool to outperform the financial markets and help take your trading results to the next level. Trading options is not for everyone. Those who are willing to explore the world of option trading will find a wealth of consistent money making strategies.

Our options recommendation newsletter does all of the hard work researching the best underlying investments and option strategies. The our service will provide you with clear instructions on what contracts to buy and sell along with exit and stop loss recommendations so you can earn a steady monthly income, while mitigating and defining risk crisply.

Options Trading Specifications

Trades Per Month: 4 - 6

Options Contracts: 1 Week - 2 Months

Strategies Involved:

Verticals, calendar spreads, double diagnals, butterflies, broken wing butterflies, double butterflies condors, iron condors, broken wing condors, ratio spreads and ratio backspreads and more.
Reward Target: 3% to 200%
Stop Loss: -15% -50%

Recommended Minimum Capital: $2,500

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Recent Trades

  • IWM 13%
  • UUP 81%
  • SPY 44%
  • GLD 29%
  • SPY 32%
  • GS 13%
  • QQQQ -7%
  • FXE 18%
  • GLD -65%
  • SPY 25%
  • XOM 10%

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this is a value added service

I really enjoy your service and personal attention you bring to your clients. I do believe this is a value added service and you do an outstanding job for it's members.

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The trades are working well. I'm stoked with the progress here. You're the Captain of the ship and I'm just going along for the ride. Much Aloha for all of your "beyond expert advice" and your market brilliance.

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In this world of financial sharks I believe you to be a fine and ethical young gentleman. We out here need your knowledge to guide us through the shark tank.

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