Profitable Options Strategies
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How To Find Profitable Options Combinations
Low Risk Setups Explained
How To Generate Monthly Options Income
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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn my very basic trading strategy which involves moving averages, volume, Fibonacci, and oversold/overbought conditions
  • Learn how to create credit spreads which profit from the passage of time
  • Learn how to create option trades that react to price almost exactly with owning common stock, with a fraction of the principle required
  • Learn how to create directionally biased trades that have defined risk
  • Learn various option strategies including vertical spreads, butterfly spreads, condor and iron condors, calendars, and ratio spreads
  • Learn how to draw appropriate trend lines and identify critical support / resistance areas
  • Learn how to manage risk effectively with stop orders and contingent stop orders
  • Learn how to trade options around earnings releases or other important information releases and capitalize on volatility collapse
  • Learn how to use support levels for defined risk trades

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