How You Will Consistently Grow Your Portfolio Using Options

We comb through various indexes, exchange-traded funds, and individual stocks to bring subscribers only the best risk/reward setups using vertical debit and credit spreads, calendar spreads, butterfly spreads, iron butterfly spreads, ratio butterfly spreads, and iron condors. Occasionally we will also utilize covered calls and cash secured naked puts.

Regardless of the strategy, members can come to expect that each setup will put probability dramatically in their favor while reducing overall capital risk. Within days of joining our service, members will be able to capitalize on implied volatility changes as well as produce profits from the passage of time.

On average there are approximately 4 – 6 trade ideas researched per month.  The core focus of the trades will be on the current (front month) and following month’s option series; however, weekly options are used when an appropriate trade setup presents itself. Using these trade structures allows members to produce outsized gains and a consistent stream of successful trades over the longer term.

Each trade idea will have a full explanation of the strategy name, specific trade information, and the reasoning behind the trade. The alerts will be sent via email newsletter and posted on the member’s blog allowing members to follow our setups efficiently and accurately. After the orders are placed, members no longer have to worry about the trade. We monitor the trade idea and regularly post information relating to each open position on a daily basis so members are never uninformed or “left hanging.” subscribers will be alerted if further adjustments need to be made or if a specific position should be closed.

J.W. Jones, Chief Options Analyst of the OptionsTradingSignals newsletter, uses his extensive experience as a winning option trader to analyze and identify winning trade ideas that can help maximize subscriber returns while minimizing risk whether the market is confronting low-volatility, a sideways market, or a high-volatility bear market.

I like your videos as well as your daily and weekly post, I find it very informative and a very effective learning tool/trading guide. It has improved my trading decisions tremendously. The inclusion of other topics/insight like position sizing,etc. in the video was very useful to us newbies.Keep up the good job 🙂– B.S. Chew –


We provide verified trade setups and real-time notifications.


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